Atlantic Rhapsody - 52 scenes from Tórshavn

A feature film from the Faroe Islands, written and directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir.

A trip through 24 hours of the smallest capital in the world, Tórshavn. It is structured as a relay race, in which a person, a thing or something out of a scene brings the audience into another scene with new people and events.

Out of this emerges a kaleidoscopic story of both daily occurrences and dramatic situations, which in an entertaining and ironic way acts as a commentary on the Faroese, foreigners in the islands, as well as Faroese society in general.

Atlantic Rhapsody is the first feature film ever to be produced in the Faroe Islands. It is a no-budget film made against all odds for 1.7 mio. DKR.


Written & directed by: Katrin Ottarsdóttir
Cinematography: Andreas Fischer-Hansen, Lars Johansson
Assistants: Steen Rønne, Hans Petur Hansen, Henrik Ipsen
Sound recording: Peter Mogensen, Torben Christiansen
Sound mix: Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen
Editor: Jens Bidstrup
Light & grip: Jan Steffensen, Leif "Barney" Fick, Henrik Ipsen
Continuity: Bjarki Thomsen, Hugin Eide
Production team: Hugin Eide, Elis Poulsen, Elin Karbech Mouritsen, Ulla Boje-Rasmussen
Music: Heðin Meitil
Produced by: Kaleidoskop Film 1989

Duration: 75 min.
Format: Academy format (1.33:1), color.

Supported by: Mentunargrunnur Føroya Løgtings, Det Danske Filmværksted, Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur, Føroya Landsstýri, Tórshavnar Býráð, Føroya Sparikassi, Ljósritagrunnurin, Sjóvinnubankin, Fossbankin, Dansk-Færøsk Kulturfond.

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